Storyteller • PHOTOGRAPHER • Graphic Designer • Illustrator

My roots of creative expression begin in childhood; however, one vile concussion was the catalyst that prompted my pursuit of a creative career. The difficult roller coaster of subsequent concussions has instilled painstaking growth and rebirth. I have discovered my purpose in the Art of Storytelling: the duet between Photography and Design.


1. To capture timeless moments and celebrate milestones because turbulent circumstances may turn life upside-down without warning.

2. To recognize and portray the creative expression of your individuality because you are of value. There is only one you.

3. To produce a visual representation of your story, ideas, and narrative that solves problems, inspires, and speaks to your family of consumers and colleagues.

4. To look past the hype to unveil the raw emotion, complexity, beauty, tragedy, and honesty of humanity, nature, and societal issues.


To empower people with creative experiences and visual stories.


To use creativity to empower the human spirit, to inspire courage, to communicate authentic narratives, to express human individuality, to explore the imagination, and to invoke conversation to end stigma and injustice.


Courage • Adaptability • Open-Mind • Be Kind • Take Nothing for Granted • Inspiration & Experimentation

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